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Ibelieve that a meal, a celebration, or a simple chat with friends can’t be complete without having some dessert. A nice dessert doesn’t shatter the harmony of the meal, it fits in the whole of the sequence of the dishes. A dessert can’t taste too sweet, the sophisticated play of flavors and textures, the taste of chocolate, cream and fruits shouldn’t be repressed.

Ifeel passionate for making cakes since my childhood, which makes my family and my friends happy. I love to be able to give something from my passion, my thoughts through my desserts. I’m lucky, because my passion became my job: with my collegues we’ve been producing pastries and cakes for domestic and for foreign markets.

As a result of the passion, the commitment the expertise, and the best ingredients, we prepare premium quality cakes, desserts, and pastries to our Clients. I’d be happy to share these with You, your Friends, and the Ones You love.


Beatrix Révész


Hungarian (formal)English (United Kingdom)

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